Acoustical Solutions


Unique, 16 foot wide WhisperSpan fabrics create ceiling and wall surfaces that appear to be lightly textured drywall or plaster but they perform acoustically. Install WhisperSpan on flat, angular, curved, coffered or barrel vaulted ceilings and completely change the acoustical properties of a room without changing its appearance. Or, use your imagination and create a dramatic statement that performs as great as it looks.



Pernell Hall CROP.jpg

WhisperMural adds a revolutionary combination of artwork and acoustical control to the designer's palette. Now beautiful works of art, photographs or graphics can be incorporated into any design scheme without compromise to acoustical performance. Our specialized high resolution imaging technology can create stunning reproductions of virtually any size or shape. WhisperMural is site built and becomes a custom fitted part of the wall or ceiling.



These creative, lightweight, suspended acoustical treatments hang from any ceiling and provide focused or broad sound absorption. The design possibilities are endless; virtually any geometric shape can be achieved in standard and custom thicknesses. Easily incorporate a WhisperArt image or theme, even a series of images. Use WhisperCloud as an affordable and adjustable solution to focused noise problems or for a one of a kind acoustical accent.



WhisperCeiling adds the rich texture and tailored appearance of stretched fabric to any ceiling. Now the ceiling can become an integral element of the design scheme or even the featured element. Select from an endless array of core material combinations to make WhisperCeiling perform exactly as needed. Typical ceiling penetrations finish flush with the fabric surface while, ceiling irregularities are covered up with a beautifully tailored fabric surface.


WhisperArt is a designers dream for updating or decorating any space and solve unwanted noise problems in one step. This product is perfect for residential, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and places of worship. WhisperArt comes to you fully assembled and ready to hang on a wall as you would a painting. WhisperArt can be produced from any high quality image including Fine Art, Photography, Digital images, etc. and manufactured at any size to fit the space perfectly.