Community Expertise


  • Grace Point Church
  • Epworth Church
  • Atlanta Road Alliance Church
  • Crossroad Church
  • Delaware Electric Cooperative
  • Fort Miles, Cape Henlopen State Park
  • Milford Baptist Church
  • Eagle’s Nest Church
  • Greenwood Mennonite Church

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A community that invests in itself represents a strong community. We at Master Interiors are proud to be part of the Tri-State area community and to be a part of its reinvestment throughout our history. While commercial construction and private business is undoubtedly linked to the community, we are privileged to continue to be involved in the building and development of local religious buildings and community outreach projects.

A community that invests in itself represents a strong community.

One key area we’ve been able to aid community establishments is through our acoustic stretch-fabric system. Many community buildings have large rooms used for multiple purposes that range from high traffic, high sound to smaller group events and private meetings. In these acoustic-sensitive areas, we have been able to solve the acoustic issues while maintaining the visual appearance desired by the community members.

Community projects seek a balance between desiring the best for the parishioners and members and the reality of a budget. We have helped a lot of clients navigate this balance for over 40 years. From being an active member of their design process and product selection to value engineering projects that push the boundaries of that budget.

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