Firm Profile


In 1975, Master Acoustical began with a vision to provide Delaware with a professional commercial ceiling contractor who is excellent in all they said and did. 40 years later, we continue to be the source throughout Delaware and the surrounding communities for top quality acoustical installations from basic products to high-end specialty ceilings.

In 1999, we partnered with Heritage Interiors to grow from our established foundation to improve and influence the entire commercial interior architectural construction industry. Leading as a single source commercial package, we’re able to improve job performance, communication, and lower costs. 

In 2004 & 2014, Master Acoustical again expanded to take our excellence into the acoustical world by becoming the area distributor and licensed installer for WhisperWalls & Fabricwall. Together with these stretch fabric manufacturers, we give Delaware & the tristate area greater choices for unique, custom acoustical designs. 

In 2017, Master Acoustical and Heritage Interiors merged to become Master Interiors.


Master Interiors is a leading acoustical subcontractor providing comprehensive construction related services, with a specialization in commercial projects. Particular emphasis is placed on problem elimination while fostering long-term relationships with our employees, clients, and vendors. 


  • We hold fairness and integrity as our core values;
  • We will promote a safe work environment for our employees;
  • We recognize that continuous improvement is critical to our future success;
  • We are committed to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our employees, clients, and subcontractors/suppliers;
  • We will provide optimum value to our clients;
  • We are focused on sustaining profit without compromising these values.


To the general Contractor and customer, we will deliver:

  • a relationship-driven, collaborative approach to enable them to achieve their goals;
  • optimum value;
  • value-added, comprehensive service.

To our employees, we pledge:

  • teamwork, mutual respect, trust, loyalty, and open communication in the workplace;
  • competitive benefits and compensation;
  • empowerment and the opportunity for personal development;
  • a safe work environment.